Yogic Sleep, aka, Yoga Nidra is a systematic relaxation technique that provides the opportunity to restore equanimity between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. When these two systems operate in a harmonized dance of balance, the body is provided with the framework to be able to maintain homeostatic balance. This allows for optimum healing and restoration to occur on a physiological level.

One way of defining homeostatic balance that might be helpful to remember is: “the body’s ability to remain in an internal balanced state regardless of any external circumstances.” Homeostatic balance allows the body to experience the opportunity for prevention and reversal of dis-ease. Yoga Nidra provides the body the most favorable environment in which to effectively discharge and release excess tension and thus provide the foundation to experience peace, vitality, and homeostatic balance.

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Yoga and our Nervous System

Our nervous system is quite possibly one of the most important aspects of our body. It is crucial for our perceiving and responding to that which we encounter all around us, as well as the vast interior landscape found within each of us. Our nervous systems monitor conditions within and outside the body, sending out electrical signals to respond to all of these conditions.


Yoga is about…

Yoga is an amazing inward journey to knowing your true self accurately. It is an internal exploration; a discovery of yourself, by yourself, and for yourself. As your mind stills, you are able to disengage from your endless cycle of thoughts and discover yourself to be completely separate from your mind. Yoga provides the opportunity to tune into that gap where “You just ARE”!


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About Victoria Cureton

About Victoria Cureton

Victoria began her exploration of Yoga in 1980, as a complement to her competitive bodybuilding journey. After an accident that resulted in multiple spinal fusion surgeries and physical therapy sessions, she continued to experience chronic pain. In 2012 she got an invitation to try hot yoga and she’s immediately got a deep sense of serenity and started practicing it consistently

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